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WEDDINGS IN SARDINIA | Wedding Planner in Sardinia.


Silver Package

Booking wedding at Town Hall.


Handling all necessary documentation.


Cost of consular fees and postage.


Translation of documents and paper work.


Hand delivery of documents to Town Hall officials.


Meetings with Town Hall officials to arrange dates and times.


Accompanying you to the Town Hall for pre-wedding declaration signing.


Interpretation services during the signing of the declaration.


Marriage certificate.



Gold Package

Includes the silver packages plus:


The whole organisation of the wedding
from Hotel/restaurant venue.




Booking transport.


Organising hair and beauty appointements.


Organising flowers bouquets and button holes.



There will be an added cost of transfer fees to other Sardinian Resorts.
2010 costs: NOT INCLUDED in our wedding organisation.
- Town hall/church cost which range from free or an offer.
But in some Town Halls there could be a fee of around 200/500 Euro's.
- The above fees do not include tha UK "no impediment certificate" that you obtain from your local register (approximately £ 30 each).
- You are responsible for collecting certificates in home country and sending them to us.


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